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How do I install OpenCart extensions?
How can I know if a particular extension works with my theme?
My extension does not work. What should I do now?
How can I get a custom-made extension?
Will my custom-made extension be added to the OpenCart Marketplace?
How often are extensions updated?
Are you presently working on new extensions?
I have an idea for an extension. How can I let you know what it is?
What versions of OpenCart does your extensions support?
Do your extensions work with all OpenCart themes?
Do you offer extension installation services?
Do you have any free extensions?
What extensions do you currently have in the OpenCart Marketplace?
Some of your extensions show sales but there are no star ratings or comments. What does that mean?
Can I leave star ratings or post comments after purchasing and using your extensions?
Do your extensions use a license?
Can I purchase multiple extensions?
What happens if I accidentally purchase the same extension twice?
Why are links still showing after extensions are installed?
Do OpenCart 3 extensions work in OpenCart 4?
How do I install VQMod for OpenCart 4?
Do you have a YouTube channel that shows how-to videos?
Are there installation videos for your extensions?