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Knowledgebase : OpenCart Extensions FAQ
This is something that has happened to quite a few persons. If this happens to you, you can request a refund on the second purchase from OpenCart.
Yes you can. There is no limit to the amount of extensions that you can purchase.
We do not currently have any extensions that use a licence.
Yes you can. In fact, we woild be grateful if you do. Thanks in advance.
It simply means that persons who purchased those ectensions did not return to rate them. If you purchase an extension and it works as expected, please do not hesitate to rate it and add a comment.
We have several extensions in the OpenCart Marketplace. Please click here to see the listing.
No, not at this time. If any become available in the future, this FAQ will be updated to highlight same.
Yes, we do. Please bear in mind that there is a cost associated with this service. Send us a ticket for more information.
All our extensions are guaranteed to work with the default OpenCart themes of the current versions. As for other themes, we would have to check if they do. Please note that in most cases the extens...
Each extension is kept up-to-date to support the current version of OpenCart. All the versions that each extension supports will be stated on the specific extension page in the OpenCart Marketplace.
Simply send us a ticket and we will look into the viability of creating what you suggest.
As we see the need, new extensions will be created. Once they have been created, they will be released into the OpenCart Marketplace.
After each release of new versions of OpenCart, we check to ensure that our extensions work with the new version. If they do not, we make the necessary changes and update them in the Marketplace. T...
In most cases yes. This is because more than likely there will be other persons who are interested in having the functionality provided by the custom-made extension on their website. If you do not ...
If you desire to have a custom-made extension, we can create it for you. Just send us a ticket about the type of extension that you want, how you want it to function, etc. and we will get right to ...
If the extension that you purchased does not work, please send us a ticket explaining what happened when you installed the extension. We will make all effort to get it working for you.
In most cases, extensions for specific versions of OpenCart work with all themes. In order for you to know if it works with your theme, send us a ticket and we will check. If the theme is a free th...
It is very easy to install OpenCart extensions. Here is the procedure: (1) Download the extension from the Downloads area in your OpenCart account. (2) Do NOT extract the XML file from the ZIP fi...
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